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stop right now…ask yourself these 3 key questions…
>>Are you prepared for the rest of your life?
>>Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed of?
>>Have you fulfilled all your personal goals?
Yes??? Then stop reading right now; I have nothing to offer you.
BUT if your answer was NO…please read on…

Kick YOUR Ass Mentor Class
With Ron Stubbs Cht, C.I. is now an E-CLASS!!!

Fact: Many Fortune 500 companies and their top executives use personal motivation coaches to help set and achieve their goals.
Fact: When two or more individuals work together, synergy occurs and the results can be astounding. The success of any individual is instantly multiplied when they began to develop their internal leadership abilities. Within leadership lies the power of influence.
Fact: Many successful millionaires use a mentor to guide them in their lives and help them achieve their dreams.
Fact: The choice to invest in ourselves, expand our minds by learning new techniques that allow us to become permanently free of the baggage of the past and break through the internal roadblocks to success or remain trapped within our present belief system that holds us back from achieving our dreams and goals is ours to make.

Mentorship…future…personal coaching…success

”Thanks, Ron for the intensive work we have done. Your methods have been extremely effective for my business as well as my personal life. I will highly recommend your practice to others, as well as, personally extend an offer to speak to anyone who may need a personal reference for your services. I have begun to use some of the things that you have taught me, in my consulting of new business start-ups, and their fund raising needs. With my new tools, and self-esteem, I was able to build a presentation strategy that landed that company, a 3 year, 45 million dollar sales contract. Again, thank You for the, “New Directions”.
David Freshour, Client

Perhaps you’re like other people who have made concerted efforts to change certain aspects of your life but time and time again you find yourself falling back into old patterns of behavior that no longer benefit you.

Maybe you’ve had the intention of finally taking charge of your finances or your physical health.

Maybe you’ve wanted to create a fulfilling relationship, create the lifestyle you desire or to get ahead in your career. Yet something is holding you back.

In the past, I’ve only offered my “Kick Your Ass Mentor Class” to a small select group of individuals. You either went to my office in Washington State or California for the class or simply missed out. My synergetic combination of personal coaching and mentoring; utilizing the latest, most cutting edge technology in the field NLP, Hypnosis and Personal Coaching have helped my students knock down and break through the barriers to their success; helping them to begin to take charge of their lives and begin to achieve their goals, hopes and dreams. Now, you can also begin to permanently free yourself of the baggage of the past, begin breaking through your internal roadblocks to success and start to achieve YOUR desires, YOUR goals, YOUR aspirations, taking charge of YOUR life and create the future of your dreams.


By popular demand and your numerous repeated requests to bring this amazingly successful program nationwide; The “Kick Your Ass Mentor Class” is now an E-Class!!! For a VERY limited number of students, (only 20 people will be accepted)…I am now offering to mentor and coach each one to SUCCESS in the comfort of your own home by email!!

”Ron, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your e-class was a whopping success in my book. And the cool thing is it just keeps going. May you ever prosper… Norm, Client

What’s the difference between someone who rises straight to the top, becoming massively successful and somebody who can’t seem to get anywhere in their career or personal life? The difference between these two individuals is their FOCUS.

A special note from Ron Stubbs:
My promise to you is simple.
You will tell me what you want to achieve, your dream, your goal.
When you feel weak, I will keep you strong.
When you stray off track, I will keep you focused.
I will teach you the latest, most cutting edge techniques that you will need to succeed.
I will keep you probably a bit annoyed at times and 100% on track.
You will not deviate from your goal and return to unwanted behaviors/blocks.
You will simply achieve what you want.

I just wanted to thank you again for the class. I found it interesting and learned a lot; but more importantly, I am finding myself increasingly motivated and fascinated about this exciting profession, and the future. Thanks again”, Glen…student

This is THE class that will personally start you on your pathway to success.
If you want to systematically, step by step, build the life and career you have thought about but maybe weren’t quite sure how to achieve, or something always stopped you… Here’s your chance.

You will design a course for a future that will bring you what you want to have in the proportions you want. You will have a sequence of steps and actions that will get you there. You WILL be successful and set off in the direction of your dreams before I let go of you to fly on your own. This is no pie in the sky pabulum project. This is YOUR LIFE!

  • YES! It will be hard!
  • YES! You WILL have homework!
  • YES! I will hold you accountable!
  • YES! You will achieve your goals!
  • YES! I will push you to your limits and beyond!
  • YES! It just may just be THE most important thing you’ll ever do.

If you are serious about living the life you dream about, setting yourself free from the baggage of the past, then this class is a must for you. Upon acceptance into the e-class you will be sent a questionnaire and asked what it is that you wish to achieve in your life; a stronger relationship, financial freedom, career choices etc…

Then, once per week on Monday morning you will have a lesson delivered to your cyber doorway by email. After completing your homework, simply email it back; I will review each lesson and you will be coached to help you attain the goals YOU have set for yourself.

Thank you again for helping me remove that pesky block. I don’t know what I would have done had you not worked on that for me. I mean…this is what I want to do for my life…my career. I want to help people out of situations of fear and anger and wondering, just like you helped me”… Gail …student

In this class you will learn strategies to…

  • Release Negative Emotions
  • Design your Future
  • Learn How and When to Say NO
  • Consciously Navigate the Future
  • The Power of Language
  • The Script for Success
  • Release False Associations and Limiting Thoughts such as “I’m not good enough” “I can’t find/have a great relationship” or “It’s hard to make money”.
  • Breakthrough the Limitations of the Past
  • Accelerate Your Success
  • Develop a NEW Relationship with Money
  • Learn to Think, Act and Believe like a Millionaire

“Ron, I just wanted to say thank you for empowering me to transform my life. I never would have believed that life could be so good and I could actually control my fate. The Kick Your Ass Class should be a prerequisite for life”. Carl…student

Register Before April 15th, 2020 and receive over $640.00 in Special Added Bonus Values

  • Special Added Bonus #1 You will receive a Transferable Coupon for 1 hour of Personal Coaching From Ron Stubbs. Value $400.00
  • Special Added Bonus #2: You will receive the “Scripting For Success: Dreams into Reality” MP3 Value $15.95
  • Special Added Bonus #3: 50% off discount coupon for any program released by Ron Stubbs in 2020. Value up to $200.00
  • Special Added Bonus #4: Discount coupon on any privately taught class over $200.00 taught by Ron Stubbs during 2020. Value $ Unlimited

That’s an amazing total of over $640.00 in BONUS VALUES!!!!

Ron…Thanks for kicking my ass. Using your strategies and methods I have been able to quit my dead end factory job, start my own consulting business and am doing what I love AND have made over 40k in the first three months alone. I only wish I had started getting my “ass kicked” sooner!” Alfred…student

Imagine in just eight short weeks, from the comfort of your own home, changing desire and dreams into Reality…taking charge of your life…becoming permanently free of the baggage and lack thinking of the past…breaking through your internal roadblocks to success…and creating the future of your dreams!

PS. If you were to hire Ron as a private personal coach for yourself you would have to pay his standard rate of $2500.oo per day. That’s a total of $20,000.oo (YES TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS) for eight days! To have him train your company it’s $5000.oo per day. Multiply that by 8 days is $40,000.oo.

Take advantage of this class; get Ron as your personal coach for eight WEEKS plus the added bonuses for as little as $499.00

 Imagine what a present THAT would be for someone you love!!!!!


Sign up NOW for this VERY special 8-week E-Class to Success.

Each Monday after signing up your weekly assignment will be emailed to you.

But wait…$499 a bit too much during these difficult times?

Well ..how about we knock some $$$$ off for you?


Only $199.60 while we get the kinks out of this new system, SAVE a whopping $300.00!!!!

 That’s a 60% SAVINGS!!!!

Your new road to success starts NOW!

Just imagine…

$615.95 in Added Bonuses + a $299.40 discount (that’s a $915.35 savings folks!!!) on the class all for registering now and in just six short weeks being on the road to making your dreams reality….

Picture yourself in five years living the life you dreamed of…

Looking back….Aren’t you glad to make that investment in yourself?

Isn’t it time you became who you always wanted to be?

What are you waiting for?      

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